Sister + Food = Joy

photo taken by Canisius athletics during their first home game on 11/14/11

This weekend I had the privelage of watching my baby sister play division one college basketball.  To say I am excited for her would be a gross understatement. I was jumping out of my skin {along with the rest of my family and friends that tagged along}. The team is on the road for games this week, bringing them much closer to us in DC.  We gathered a crowd for the game and formed quite the cheering section.  Brooke, #13, signed with Canisius and then shipped off for summer session.  For months, we have been hearing about the team, practices, and eargly waiting to see them in action. We actually watched the first game last week on line, but in person was much better!

It was wonderful to watch Brooke play and to have a few moments to catch up on her life as a college freshman.

After the game we followed the team to a local italian restaurant, Fazzini's in Cockeysville, Maryland.  For a seemingly small hole in the wall, this place was fantastic.  They make all of their pasta in house and serve up an incredible pizza. I attempted to document the food, but it resulted in total failure, as I was way to distracted by how good it smelled and the great conversation with family around the table! 

If you want to be super cool/creepy, send Brooke some encouragement via twitter.  Their third game is tonight, and they are hoping for their first win.  Feel free to copy and paste this message:

" @bangelos113 Good luck in your game tonight from an awesome @TheScribblePad reader! #gogriffs "


  1. Love the sister love. And twitter stalking. Considering your sis tweeted.

  2. How awesome for your sister!!! Sounds like yall had a great time! I love basketball :) SO sorry to hear that I'm not the only one in this MIL boat - I'll definitely be emailing you lol! p.s. new follower :)



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