Gift Guide: Giving

In the spirit of thanksgiving, a gift guide to help us see beyond our own traditions and wish lists. Here are a few of the charitable organizations whose missions have stood out to me this year.  Perhaps you can find an organization that would also mean something to a gift recipient on your list this year.

One Sight states that its mission is to restore sight to the 284 million people who suffer from poor vision. You can help today by collecting and donating old glasses.

Based out of Seattle, Washington, 88bikes provides bikes to children in schools and orphanages across the globe.  For $44 you can purchase a bike repair kit and for $88 a bike, but the organization accepts donations of all sizes.  Bonus: 100% of the donated money goes directly to the local economy!

Part of the International Alliance for Youth Sports, the Global Gear Drive is working to enable sports by providing sports equipment to under served areas.  For more information about getting involved, watch this video.

The LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund was founded in honor of the Marine who was killed in action in 2004.  Among the various fund raisers, the memorial fund has partnered with build-a-bear to provide a message to the children of deployed military.  For $25 you can send a child a teddy bear with a voice chip message from their parent overseas. 

Helping to fight poverty, Krochet Kids provides jobs for women in Uganda enabeling them to begin providing for their families.  The women crochet clothing, hats, and accessories all available for sale online. Each individual item has the name of the craftswoman and you can look up their individual stories on the website. The organization offers several ways to get involved.

If there is an organization that you love and support that I have no included here {this is by no means a comprehensive list} please provide comment love for the benefit of both our readers and the organizations.  Happy giving!


  1. this is my favorite topic ever. well, almost.

    sari bari- a project of word made flesh which works with former prostitutes in the red light districts of calcutta. they make BEAUTIFUL blankets, and the money goes directly back to the women who produce the blankets.

    anything from ten thousand villages, or supporting a project through the mennonite central committee (the parent organization from which TTV was birthed).

    sseko sandals- made by ugandan women. the cost of the sandals is enough for the sandals + the girls to attend school/ women to send their children to school.

    i compiled a list a few years ago. here's the link:

  2. I like Oxfam. They take the "teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime" approach.

  3. What a great round-up... thank you for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving and giving!!

  4. Hi, Shannon! Great post!

    Just wanted to pop over and say hi! We would love to have you at the next Mood Board Monday - which will probably be sometime in early 2012. I'm not very good at hosting them regularly, its just kinda whenever. Probably not as often as once a month, but close!

    Your blog is awesome, I'm going to have reading it now that I've found it! Behr is so cute! My daughter just turned 14 months:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  5. awesome shannon ... i always love these ideas.

    last year i asked for a cow, and my mom got me one instead of a bunch of other crap i didnt really need ... from here:

    and a year or 2 back i got all of my girl friends some awesome pajama pants from here:
    everyone loved them, and i still have a pair myself.

    ps. there is a little something on the way for baby behr



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