New Wardrobe | Saving Money While Shopping

So basically, I am realizing that the baby I gave birth to changed my body dramatically.  I have a whole lot of baby mama questions, but first a new wardrobe needs to be procured.  Totally wish I could pull an I dream of Jeannie nose twitch right about now.  And poof, everything in my closet would be new and flattering!

Ha, if you are dreaming with me, then you might like what I am talking about over here:

Have a fabulously affordable Sunday!

p.s. doesn't that "affordable" kind of dampen the mood?

if only affordable insinuated fabulous.

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention, you can find my {not always so affordable} baby faves here:

And while we are on the subject, are you interested in having me guest post on your blog?  I would love to join you and your readers.  Send me an email at: shannon.angelos {at}


  1. Love this guest post, and totally agree on all of them. Total staples. And I thiiiink I need that black skirt in my life immediately.

  2. Great post! I just recently went shopping with some birthday money and realized finding clothes that fit now after a baby is quite a challenge. :P

    I also love that skirt. And totally agree on the black flats--I have a pair that I absolutely LOVE.



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