Saturday Shoes: Karlene's Wedding

Several weeks ago I confessed that I would buy a single pair of shoes in 2011. Breaking my shoe fast only for my obligation as a bridesmaid.  Then the bride asked for silver shoes.  Since I already own a pair I love, the shoe fast is holding strong. Today I present you a bit of an action shot. These shoes were originally purchased for my own wedding rehearsal, nearly five years ago. I am so glad to wear them again as my best friend gets married to the man of her dreams! Here is what my dancing feet will look like today.


  1. I like them! really cute shannon!

  2. no! even though the ones you wore are really cute, that was your one legit reason to break your shoe fast! adam thinks i should join you - he thinks i'm a shoe hoarder, which i probably am ... i have bought 5 pairs since i saw you 2 weeks ago. i think i need help! ha ha!

  3. Super cute! So glad that you didn't have to break your shoe fast too :)

  4. Hey pretty shoes! I must say I am impressed. You are a stronger woman than I for holding so strong...



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