Life of Behr: 28 Weeks

Behr is nearly 32 weeks, but we are taking a few steps back to reflect.  We wouldn't want to let Behr's first summer fly by.  We are trying to slow down time and enjoy every accomplishment and fit of laughter that we share together.  Here is Behr at the end of July.


loves all food and devourers anything we give him
began to screech when he gets really excited
behr sweats a lot
enters into bouts of giggles and laughter that gets the whole family rolling
enjoys books more and more
especially board books which he holds himself and even turns the pages
greets us with wide eyes and happy flapping arms when we arrive home from work
still hates grass and loves sand

really loves sand

Our photo session quickly turned into snack time for Behr.
All boy!


  1. Awww you can REALLY tell he hates that grass.

    Cute as ever that boy. Love.

  2. Totally cutes, Behr.

    How was the wedding? Loved your shoes.

  3. you know, sometimes i wish it were still acceptable for adults to screech whenever they got excited. it would make life pretty entertaining.



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