What a Wedding

Every time I get to see one of these lovely ladies, my face hurts from talking and my stomach hurts from laughing. Having all three of us together for an entire weekend was like a dream come true. We haven't spent that much time together since 2009. The best part was the honor to stand together and praise God for the beautiful love he has given our dear friend and her groom.  

Highlights include:

The bride rapping to Ice Ice Baby.
A surprise flash mob dance.
Orchids, everywhere.
More dancing than you could ever imagine.
Catching up with old friends.
Great food.
Really, really great people.  

it looks like they are standing still, but they are dancing


  1. Sounds like a fantastic time! I have always wants to see a flash mob dance!

  2. What a beautiful group of ladies :) And I agree with lady lee; I need to see a flash mob dance! I've only seen it on YouTube and in movies!

  3. I think someone recorded the flash mob. It was a bit insane and totally awesome. If I find the link, I will post it!

  4. Oh I love it! Such sweet memories with friends.



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