Two weekends back we were inspired by Wimbledon and ventured to some nearby tennis courts.  Behr was not in the mood for us to play tennis.  He wanted to be part of all the action.  Only a few sets in, we threw in the towel due to Mr. Fussy Pants.  {I have been calling Behr that recently.  Bad mother, no?  Must stop before he can remember this loving name...} Fortunately, the tennis courts are near the only baby swings in DC.  Remember when I said there were no swings?  Well, the real truth is that they just aren't super convenient for me.

But apparently we will have to make the effort more often.  Behr loved the swings!

Yes, these pictures are from June.  I meant to post this last week to link up with Small Style on Mama Loves Papa but I missed it.  So here we go this week:

Behr's outfit:
Navy Cargo Pocket Polo: babyGap
Plaid Crab Shorts: Gymboree
No Shoes - the best way to spend summer!


  1. And his outfit matches the swing! Perfect.

  2. Oh he looks so happy to be swinging :) I love it!

  3. i love babies and swings-- you can always get some great expressions!

  4. My babies both love the swing! He is a cutie.



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