Picnic at Panera

Last week my dear friend Diane and I headed out to suburbia for a mega warehouse baby sale.  The sale started at 7, but to beat rush hour we packed our little ones and hit the road before rush hour.  What do you do in an unfamiliar suburban town on a blazing hot day {hint: parks were out of the question due to the heat}?  Well, you have a picnic at Panera!  What else?

We ordered food, found a nice spot in front of the fireplace, laid out a big blanket, kicked off our shoes and let the babes crawl, or in Behr's case sit, and enjoy some wiggle time.  It was a great way to pass the time and we hardly got any weird looks.  I highly recommend having a Panera picnic if you haven't done so already.

Oh and before I forget, here are the goods I got for Behr this winter and next spring:

3 footed sleepers, a brand new fleece, two pairs of robeez hardly worn, a knit romper, 2 pairs of jeans, great quality navy sweat pants, brand new polo, tee, and navy henley and last but not least the blue striped outfit, nearly identical to the one he wears weekly right now.  We have loved the current version {seen here} so much, I couldn't pass up the chance to have one for next summer too!

All for $62.54

While that seems like a lot of money, it works out to less than $4 per item!  Wahoo!!
{especially since some items were probably originally prices much closer to the 62 dollar mark}

The cost above includes an outfit for our friend, Isaiah, who lends Behr all of his hand-me-downs.  So now we pass a few items up when we get a great steal knowing it might make it around the corner and back to us some day:


  1. That isn't a lot of money at all, for all that you got! Very frugal I would say, and so very cute too!

  2. Sa weeeet! I'd say you got a great deal and what darling clothes. Man when my boys were young they didn't have cute outfits like they do now..Only the girls had it made..but..I didn't have any girls.

    What a successful shopping trip and... you even got in a fun picnic!!



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