Scary Grass

Yes, I wrote scary. You see, Behr has a bit of an aversion to the feel of grass. He doesn't seem to mind concrete, sand, or carpet. {I keep reminding myself, at least he likes sand, at least he likes sand. Otherwise, this little Florida vacation we are on would be brutal.} But grass makes him cry. every. single. time.  Strangely enough that is how I reacted to grass when I was his age.

That is me in the upper left.  Apparently my mom had a higher tolerance for screaming in the grass thank I do.   At least this picture is reassurance that I am not the only one who takes pictures of crying babies.  Just because they are crying doesn't mean it isn't cute.


Behr sure does look cute, doesn't he?  Well that's why I am linking up to Small Style.

Kelly Green Striped Shirt - H&M
Jean Overall Shorts - OldNavy


  1. Such an adorable outfit! I'm a new follower with a baby who also has a grass aversion :) She's a year old on Sunday and finally starting to get over it, though!

  2. oh no! i could see where grass could be so strange to a little one. and don't worry....i have tons of pics of my kids crying and their still cute!

  3. Cute! I take pictures of my baby crying, too. I haven't put her in grass yet, so I'll have to see what she thinks.

  4. Hahaha you both look adorable. Someday I hope can hug that babe in real life.

  5. Awwww he looks adorable even if he is a scardy cat. My older daughter hated grass too. Even now she still doesn't like to sit on it without a rug and she is almost 8!



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