Oh Eames, how I love thee...

I have been lusting over the super sleek lines of Eames rocking chairs.  There is no space in our apartment for another chair, but a girl can look right?
retro green

bright blue

or maybe even a pair!

And then my swooning got even worse after seeing how Making it Lovely documented the milestones of her babe in this fabulous piece of art.  Everything gets cuter with a baby right?

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  1. I adore the green color. All of these adorable beeb things you post will hopefully come home with me one day. You know, when I have a beeb :)

  2. two things.

    a) i LOVE eames. and i love paul mccobb. and i love the whole mid-century mod business.

    b) you and bridget and e and lady lee and everyone else with these adorable babies in my life (does 'the blogosphere' count as 'my life'?) need to start talking about the crying and the screaming and the things that are not so cute! i cannot afford baby fever right now, with our upcoming move to india, 75% pay cut and reduction of full coverage insurance to only catastrophic, only during the semester and only for 6 months! gah!

  3. Wow those chairs are sooo cool! haven't seen anything like them before!
    xox dana
    hope to see you in my neck of the woods! thewonderforest.com

  4. There's always room for another chair. Can't you just give away something less necessary? Like the fridge? Kitchen table? Your bed?

    Love it.

  5. i want one of those chairs...and a baby to go with it would also be fun.

  6. i meandered through your blog & clicked on furniture. you should do more furniture/interior design type posts. those are fun :)



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