Long Week. Officially Thwarted.


Oh...these are the words I am holding onto this week.  It has certainly been a long one {and it is only Wednesday}.  But this too shall pass...right?

My mom's sister passed away at the end of April.  The family piled into cars and hit 95 heading south to love on our uncle and cousin.  Behr was a trooper.  The trip was long, but the driving went smoothly.  My Aunt is resting peacefully with the Lord.  My uncle and cousin are holding up the best they are able and being beautifully supported by their community of fellowship.  But it is rough. 

Disclaimer: Not a single one of my complaints below compare to the reality my cousin and uncle are facing without Aunt Mary.  But I am sharing the state of my heart.  Don't judge.

I started my week emotionally and physically exhausted after returning from the trip.  Our refrigerator was empty and clutter piled up around the house with stuff from the trip that needed to be put away.

Laundry needed to be done, badly.  I attempted to do this at 4:30 Monday after I got home from work.  Several failed attempts to access the building's washing machines left me frustrated and up until midnight finally completing my 4 loads.  Brutal.

Behr had a rough night, was up a lot and wet the bed for the first time.  No rest for the weary.

Tuesday morning, clumps of hair fell out in the shower.  My luscious locks from pregnancy are falling away to leave my stringy hair back in its original state.  Defeated, I leave the house with a wet head, resulting in a bad hair day.  Oh well.

Tuesday night, needing to kick start my energy level, I hop on over to a barre class while Mark and Behr get some much needed "male bonding."  I hadn't realized how zapped I truly was.  This class kicked my butt so badly, I physically felt weak and sick when I got home.  Headed straight for a bath and in bed by 9:30.

This morning, still groggy and needing more rest/sleep I feed Behr just before leaving the house.  He proceeds to puke all over me.  He doesn't throw up very frequently, so it always catches me off guard.  I am never prepared.  I reek of baby vomit.  Good think I love him.  My co-workers will just have to deal.

All the while I am internally struggeling with identity {more on that later} and my role in life. 

So the words above, the are what I am grasping to this week.  I feel thwarted at every turn and yet I know that He has a plan.  He made all things beautiful...according to His own timing...not mine.  {in case you were wondering}

Speaking of beautiful...have you met Jenny yet?  She is over at Taking TwoTomorrow she will be sharing something beautiful right here, just for you.  Be excited.  At least I ended on a positive note right?


  1. Shannon-
    So sorry to hear about your Aunt. I'm sure your uncle appreciated the trip you and Mark and Behr made to be with them during this difficult time.
    And I hope your week turns around for the better. Just look at that cute little baby of yours!

  2. Im am so sorry. That is a stressful week and you deserve to be able to vent about it. I hope that you feel a lot better soon!! Let us bloggers know if there's anything
    We can do to help. :)

  3. You know, life definitely gets hard sometimes. And things don't go your way. But things get better. Always. And life picks itself (and you) back up and reminds you of all of the amazing things that happen :) Chin up darling.

  4. oh friend... i'm so sorry this week was just exasperating. And your Aunt... I hold all of you in my heart and prayers. Better days to come!!! Better days!!! and I thank you for your "beautiful" words. Likewise, friend

  5. oh Shannon, I'm sure you're handling it gracefully, even if it seems less so...good scripture and a good reminder.



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