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Jenny is here today sharing her beautiful story of love.  Be sure to check out the full length version of her incredible story!  Jenny, thanks so much for brightening my week.  Hope you all enjoy.


Hi!  Jenny here, from Taking Two

So… I am part of a family of four. Half of us are white… half of us are black. And for my eyes… there is nothing more beautiful than to see these colors together.

We adopted our twin baby boys from Ethiopia, just over a year ago. We had thought we were adopting just ONE child… and then, as our adoption was finalized… received news that he had a twin brother. And let me tell you… my life was made. (For the whole story… you can read about it here.)

Life with twins is CRAZY. And it’s unbelievably PRECIOUS.

You know… no one ever told me that being a parent was going to be this hard.

And yet… no one ever told me that being a parent could be this amazing either.

My Mom thinks the reason for this is that you simply can’t put into words just what it means to be a parent…who loves and is loved in that capacity.

Some people ask me, “are you going to have ‘biological’ children?” They know that we had never “tried” to have biological children before we adopted. We just wanted to adopt. And bringing home TWO babies in the end… might have put a spin on sticking to “our plan”.

Ha! “A plan”!

So, when they ask me that question… I pause. I simply can’t put into words what I feel inside. To me… I don’t think that I could possibly want anything more of life and love that I haven’t already received. Do I want “biological” children? I am not sure. Do I want a baby that would be the result of the physical union of myself and the man I love more than anything in all the world? I don’t know. And I think that’s just the point.
It doesn’t matter.

When I look into my children’s eyes… I see me… I see them… I see my husband…. I see Love. Nothing else. And… truly…. I don’t think that life could get any better than this…

So the question remains open. Love, (with however many children, of whatever color skin) will multiply.


  1. I love Jenny and her two beautiful boys. I like her take on her family. For her, her family's complete for now as it is. Family doesn't mean blood. Family means unconditional love forever and ever. And she sure has lots of that to give :)

  2. i love you friend. your words are always so beautiful.

  3. Jenny, I've been following your blog for a few months now. My husband and I are also adopting and deal with this question ALL THE TIME! I love the way you respond to it!

  4. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing a little piece of your wonderful story with us. :)

  5. Jenny, I keep reading this post again and again and loving it more each time! So glad to have you guest posting!

  6. Oh Jenny... she is just too awesome for words! I like that she doesn't have a plan, after all even the second baby was not part of the plan, so who knows...

    Sometimes blessings just come on our way regardless of planning them or not! I know for a fact that the world would be a better place if there were more Jennys...

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!



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