Life of Behr: 17 Weeks

Four Months Stats:
12 lbs. 5 oz. - 8th%
25.25 inched long - 70th%

Just as long and skinny as we suspected!

Behr these days...

full of giggles

clutches toys

grunts when he farts 
{and sometimes even lifts a leg}

folds his hands in an almost prayer like position when he is content and happy

grabs onto the hands that are feeding him

gives flirty eyes

and loves when we sing to him

On his Patemm Changing Pad.   This thing is amazing!  Thanks Sara.

getting read for beach season!


  1. He's so cute he melts my heart :)

  2. Shannon, he is adorable!! You are so good to be taking weekly pictures. I'm a total slacker. Behr is a peanut!!! Emilia just weighed in at her 4 mo. check-up at 11 lbs which I'm guessing is comparable for a girl. Isn't it so fun having an itty bitty baby?

  3. loveeeee these pictures! oh goodness shannon... Behr is a little handsome stud!

  4. Glad you like the patemm pad :) we miss you! You are amazing for doing weekly photos!!! I wanted to do that but didn't. Hopefully sam will forgive me. Behr is a cutie!!!



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