Saturday Shoes: Red Toms

I have been on the fence about Toms since the company began.  I love the concept.  The One for One campaign is genius!  I support their efforts.  However, I am not sure their shoes are for me. forward to last Wednesday...

There was a woman, probably in her mid 40s, wearing dark straight leg jeans, a big scarf, an anorak jacket, and totally rocking red toms.  I fell in love.  This woman shoes me how someone other than hipster georgetown students rocking jorts {jean shorts, typically homemade} could legitimately wear toms in this city!

Now, the great debate of which red toms...
Classic Red Canvas

Red Stone Washed Twill

Orange Tharp Linen
{not technically red, but in the same color family}

Which color would you chose?


  1. Classic red! I have a friend with that pair... they look so good!

  2. classic, for the look you are going for most def. :) You are going to love how comfortable they are!

  3. definitely the darker red ones. Have you checked out their wedges? those are really cute too!

  4. First ones!

    I looove my Toms and I am most definitely not a hipster, so don't worry!

  5. Thanks for all the advice! I was totally leaning towards the 2nd pair...but now I think I will get the first 2012 once I am finally able to buy shoes again!



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