Saturday Shoes: Quoddy


...some might call me stupid, but I decided not to buy a single pair of shoes in 2011.  Crazy right?  Well, not as crazy as having 100+ pairs in a tiny apartment.  No sooner did I make this pact with myself and begin announcing it to the word, did I began falling in love with shoes I had never seen before!  Ahhh...  Thus a new mini series has been born.  {how else would I keep track of all of the shoes I want to buy in 2012?}

Shoes will be posted on Saturdays 
and perhaps I will lust over them
but I will not purchase
just drool

My newest obsession:

The Quoddy Ring Boot

These moccasins in brown would be perfect for life as a mom.  
Yes please.

Do you have shoes you think I would die for?

Go ahead
suggest some shoes for the series
try to tempt me!
I dare you!


  1. LOVE those!! I'm in love with jcrew's rainy day ballet flat which are SOLD OUT everywhere in every color... :(

  2. I am loving Land's End Canvas Logan high heeled city sandal in luggage tan.

    And to Kelsey, I am pretty sure I saw some rainy day ballet flats in the online J Crew outlet store. I can't check now because it is only "open" on the weekends, but take a look sometime Fri-Sun.

  3. yep, check them out!



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