Tummy Time = Running

Is it bad that Black Eyed Peas lyrics stream through my head while I spend quality time with my son?  Not nursery rhymes or "Jesus" songs...Black Eyed Peas.  I would argues that I have a good reason.  You see, each time I subject Behr to his despised tummy time...he tries to run away!

excuse my very novice video editing skills...

See...Black Eyed Peas!  

There really isn't any other sound track suitable for tummy time with Behr.


  1. hahahah! love it!! sam was like that for tummy time! it gets more exciting when they start to roll around, they're not where you put them... "sam, where'd you go?" "mom, i'm over here!" "how'd you get all the way over there??" lol. glad you're having fun w/behr! xo

  2. this is AWESOME!!!! Also -saw pics of him and you and mark at the Gordon DC event...hope you three enjoyed yourselves :)



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