The Year of Baby

2011, like no other year, will be the year of the baby.  I will give birth in early January {hopefully soon!} and watch my baby grow throughout the year.  I will learn what being a stay at home mom will be like for a few months and then transition to life as a working mother.  I cannot imaging the changes that I am up for in the 12 months ahead, but I am sure that many, most, or perhaps all of my learning lessons will tie back to baby!

The question that is consuming me on the 1st of this year...
...when will he be here?!?
{because I really want to meet him, like now!}

I certainly don't know.  But I thought it would be fun to share the guesses of some of my friends and family.  Here is what people guesses at a few baby showers:  

{I left out the 2010 predictions since those have come and gone}

What do you think?  When will out little guy decide to make his grand entrance?

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