Top 10 Complaints for 2010

I am woman, here me rant!  Warning, this is quite a pessimistic post.  I figured I would break up all the gushy baby love stuff with a cold splash of reality...and the not so perky thoughts that run through my head.  No offense is intended, but feel free to let me know if I stepped on your toes!

1. Why are most maternity shirts crew neck?  I have been living in crewneck pergatory for MONTHS and I cannot wait to go back to my scoop and v-necks!

2. What is with the phycadelic neon Christmas decorations?  What is wrong with traditional?

image via hgtv
david bromstead's color splash: miami
Orange, turquoise, and lime green are bad, but they are the least of our worries.  What really irks me are the abundance of bright pink artificial Christmas Trees.  People, enough with the pink!

3. No new trends?  Seriously?  I walk into my favorite stores only to see what is already hanging in my closet, often for a steep increase in price.  We are in a recession, all the more reason for discounts, deals, and funky new trends to spice things up a bit this year!

4. When will society's obsession with vampires end?  I am over it.  To be honest, I never really got it.  I am ready for folks to wake up and move on.

5. Smoking?  When did this become popular again?  How is it okay to justify "I only smoke twice a week..." or "I only smoke socially..." So people, you are telling me that you chose to partake in a highly addictive habit sparingly?  This is just odd.  I blame Mad Men.

6. Skating with the Stars...really?  I thought Dancing with the Stars was bad enough!

7. 8. 9. & 10.  Sorry.  I ran out of steam.  I can't actually be that much of a pessimist.

Really, I just want to wish you all...

...A Very Happy New Year!

without smoking, crew neck t-shirts, neon christmas decor, vampires, or dumb reality tv shows

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I started something similar a few months ago, but it was SO negative, I left it as a draft. But you can be sure the vampire thing was on there! When I was in the Philippines last year, they decorated for Christmas right after Halloween and the popular colors were the neon blue and orange. It was so weird!



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