Lamp Hunting = Furniture Buying

Mark and I went hunting for lamps...and we came home with these:

Hunter Trunk = Coffee Table

Terrevida Table = Calligraphy Work Station/Dinning Room Table/Center of Our Living Space

Well, we didn't actually come home with them.  But they are on order and a delivery date will soon be scheduled.  If you have known us for long, you have heard of our 4 year search for a farm looking table and a storage trunk for a coffee table (that was tiny enough to fit in our apartment).  Crate and Barrell came through for us big time this week! 

Good thing we had time to wander through their showroom in Annapolis.  Or...the story line could read: "Bad Things Happen When you Have Too Much Time at the Mall."  Either way, we are excited with our finds and look forward to incorporating them into our living room!

Oh yeah...we purchased some lamps as well!

Very productive shopping expedition.

p.s.This may be considered nesting.

Our home is begining to feel more pulled together now that we are slowly replacing the college furniture that has served us for over 10 years!  Time to move on up...

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  1. Hey Shannon,
    I love your blog post about your DC shower. How did you do the picture collages? They're cute.
    Also- I was looking at your baby countdown and can you believe your due date is 50 days away? It's crazy to think it could also be 40 days away, or maybe's all a waiting game at the end!!



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