Holiday Gift Guide 2010: New Babes

Did you really think I would be able to do a gift guide without featuring all of the fabulous baby gear I have found?  This list is not featuring the top items that you already see in every single baby magazine {read a giraffe shaped teether or bamboo swaddling blankets} Don't get me wrong.  I love these items.  But I am trying to help you think outside the box!

1. An adorable stuffed animal, featuring the on-point trend of knitted baby toys like this rainbow stripped bunny - perfect for the baby girl or boy in your life.

2. Board Books - forget about Good Night moon, share your home town pride with these adorable board books available from Chulamama.  Plus, check out their city gift sets!

3. Chose a luxurious hat and bootie set to keep the babe warm and stylish in the winter months.

4. An extraordinary blanket that can be tossed in the car for extra warmth, tucked around your baby carrier, or used as a play mat when you are traveling to visit family.  A blanket can be an incredible gift when you reach a step above what the average mama would buy.  

5. Alphabet blocks allow a baby to explore textures and teaches motor skills like picking up, releasing, and stacking.  These are so adorable, you won't mind them scattered on the floor in the nicest room of your house!

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We are posting a new guide each Friday, so feel free to make requests in the comment section!

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