33 Weeks

I have been negligent in my picture taking.  I apologize.  Here I am at 33 weeks and all along the way!  I really have gotten a lot bigger since the 26 week picture, even though it is hard to tell here.

Not that you have seen the baby bump, here is what I have been thinking:

Am I really going to walk home with a baby in two months?  It seems surreal.  I haven't been pregnant long enough.  I am so excited to meet our little guy.  I am eagerly awaiting his arrival.  Everything so far seems completely normal, completely as I expected. {completely as I planned?!}

That is everything except the going home with a baby part.  I can rationalize and wrap my head around most aspects of this pregnancy, but for some reason, the concept of actually having my own child is foreign.  {perhaps because this is my first child and it IS foreign}  Don't misunderstand me, I am thrilled to become a mother, I just cannot anticipate anything about this scenario.

Did I tell you I am planning on writing a book during my maternity leave?  Perhaps this point more than most reminds me that I have no idea what I am heading towards.  While it would not be unlike me to multitask to the extreme, I also know that slowing down is a good thing.  What I accomplish beyond the basic necessities of me and the baby will be up for determination.

For now, I am going to keep trying to wrap my head around the incredible fact that for the next 5, 10, 12, 18 years, this little guy is going to be entirely dependant on me...until one day, I wake up all to suddenly and realize that he has become a man.  Now that is something I am not even going to try to comprehend...

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  1. getting closer... and if you're like me and go 2.5 weeks early... you'll have a little boy in 4 weeks! you look great! xo



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