Number one questions asked while pregnant:  "How are you feeling?" asked with sincerity.

Question number two:  "Any weird cravings?!?!" asked with interest and intrigue.

Welp, here they are:

Nothing totally random.
Mostly just bland comfort food.

Apple Juice | Hot Chocolate | Mac'n'Cheese | Bagel Bites | Tomato Soup
Bear Naked Granola with yogurt | Nature Valley Honey Oat Bars

Not only are these cravings, they cause world wars to break out in our house if Mark just happens to finish the last of something I might want...

On the flip side, I stopped liking salads and coffee.  We will see if these tastes ever come back.

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  1. I can't believe how similar our cravings are! I wonder if it's the time of year? I keep buying stuff to make salad b/c I know I should, but it just goes bad. I got around it this week by making a veggie pizza (with plenty of cheese!). Now I want to go make some apple cider. TTFN!



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