Happy Birthday Dad

This year, my dad celebrated a major milestone. We celebrated by taking him to a family portrait session (pictures coming soon!) and throwing a surprise party! Michael and Lindsay Smith, the incredible husband and wife duo behind TheSmiths photography. I grew up with Lindsay, so it was awesome to have her do our photography.

It was hysterical trying to keep dad occupied. He totally suspected something was up. Every time we changed location for the pictures, up the stairs, outside for a shot in the snow, back inside, he looked all around, as if expecting everyone to just out and scream surprise. Then on the way home, my siblings had to stop for gas, which was perfect and threw him off his tracks even more. While we out at the photo shoot, Mom's closest friends gathered together to set up the party and welcome the guests.

The weather created a precarious situation as a storm swept in and covered the road with snow and ice...but it left a pretty scene and added to the celebratory drama. The pictures above are from my favorite tree in my parent's front yard (and our car made a cameo appearance).

At the end of the night, my dad was thrilled to have some of his closest friends from the past few years, to college, as well as his buddies from elementary school all by his side to share memories and offer a bit of a roast. The gag gifts included old and embarassing photos, his own shoes, pounds of candy, and a hich school basketball poster feature the one and only! I couldn't have imagined it any better...

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