The Dutch Barn

On Veteran's Day, a few weeks ago, Mark and I drove out to the Eastern Shore. Why? To get new tires on our car. It was pouring rain, they forgot to schedule our appointment, and the day seemed to just keep getting worse. It a fit of restlesness, I treked about a mile down the road to a gem of a shop called The Dutch Barn. I avoided puddles and splashed from trucks passing me and eventually burst through the door to find some equisit furniture. I had a blast wandering the three building where they house their goods, imagining where I would put what and how to incorporate it into the home I have yet to buy. Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye:

This hutch has just enough character to make me want to bring it home. I can't imagine it in a city apartment, but it looks perfect for a place on the shore.

This Amish made table is close to the kitchen table Mark and I searching for (we don't know if the image in our head actually exists). We would like it to be a little less of a honey color, a bit darker and have simple taper legs. But this table was certainly beautiful.

I could not get over the detail of the grain of this chest. It looks similar to tiger maple, but the tone is deep and rich. It is absolutely stunning. I would struggle to lock it up in a bedroom - it looks like it should be on display.

As soon as I saw this round library table I pictured in a front entry with a big bowl of tulips! What a nice piece of furniture to greet guests upon their arrival. Check out the details in the top below:

So...I am hoping to visit the Dutch Barn again soon. I will certainly find more treasures that make me dream, and just maybe they will have the table Mark and I have been searching for!

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