Top 10 Most Outrageous Factors of Michael's Graduation Party (or almost any Angelos family party)

10. Do Not Enter

We barricade our front door, forcing party goers to walk around back. One of the small points of hospitality we provide our guests. The table and chair are to deter people from using the front steps. There is a sign on the table informing people to walk around back. Hilarious!

9. Homemade Horseshoes

When without a pit, use spray paint!

8. Bartender
Our backyard bash wouldn't be complete without an open bar. No need for alarm, this high school graduation party's open bar came complete with a bartender to ensure only those of age were able to consume alcoholic beverages. (I was carded in my own backyard!)

7. Food

I have never been to a party that does food so well. The spread was especially impressive considering it was for a high school graduation party. On the menu: Filet Mingon, Seafood Penne Pasta, Pastitsio (a greek baked pasta), Greek Potatoes, Linda's Pear and Blue Cheese Salad, and loads more. And that is just the main course...

6. Greek Pasteries

For this particular party - 9 lbs. of butter were purchased, melted, baked with, and later consumed! As Brooke says, "Enjoy, because the main ingredient is cellulite." (Note: such large quantities of butter indicate equally large quantities of sugar plus extensive hours of tedious work perfecting these family recipes!)

The dessert spread included baklava, galaktoboureko, kourabiethes, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, and as you can see a whole lot more!

5. Brooke's Side Comments

The witty teenager provides candid remarks on everything from attire to sugar consumption. She never fails to shock and awe. (see comment above)

4. The Strength of Family

The morning of the party Yia-yia was still recovering from her stroke at a rehab center and grandmom was in the hospital for back pain, but do not worry, they both made it to the party with energy to spare!

3. Out Door Air Conditioner

Yes, it was going to be hot. In fact, the weather forecast was calling for it to be very hot and humid. But what graduation party isn't? Well, the Angelos family took care of that with an outdoor air conditioner! Problem solved.

2. Two Story Tall Slip'n'Slide

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and here are a few:

there there is the video:

1. The all time most outrageous: Listerine

Because it keeps the bugs away. Didn't you know that? My dad spent the morning of the party walking around spraying listerine EVERYWHERE! His efforts paid off. The bugs stayed away and the party, in spite of the outrageous elements, was a huge success!

What are some of your family party quirks?

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