Last weekend we went to PA and had time to catch up with everyone. First we celebrated Michael's graduation with a huge party. It was absolutely insane! I promise, the "Top 10 Most Outrageous Things about an Angelos Party"...coming soon! The party was a great time to see the family. Grandmom, Pop-Pop and Yia-yia were all there and doing well. Aunts, uncles, cousins, old neighbors were all there. I think we had over 100 people. The party was packed! Brian, Mike and Kelsey came over and we had fun playing horse shoes. Mark and the guys clearly had the upper hand, but every once in a while Kelsey or I tossed a ringer. It was great to see them.

Once the party finally started to wind down, we were able to hang out with Sarah. Seeing an opportunity to escape the Angelos household chaos, we headed to Burlap and Bean. It is this great coffee shop in Newtown Square run my some Messiah grads. Mark and I are trying to convince them to open one on Capitol Hill. We love it! Unfortunately, we don't get to frequent it enough, seeing how it is over 100 miles from where we live! :-) We usually try to buy a few bags of beans to hold us over from one visit to the next. It is really that good. It could cure me of my starbucks addiction!

Anyway, Saturday happened to be a mic night and we walked into the coffee shop during a lull in a song (literally dead silence). It was AWKWARD. Oh man, it was awekward. Everyone stared. Sarah and I could not stop giggling. The guy singing just stopped and was hillarious. So we decided to move our party outside where we proceeded to sit on the curb and drink our coffee.
On Sunday, Faith, Kyle and Noah came to visit. It was wonderful to see them all. Aside from being a bit sleep deprived, everything seems to be going well for the new family. Here are some pictures of the little guy:

As you can see, Noah is precious. When he stretches his arms above his head, we curls his hands in as if he is stretching. It is adorable. We are so happy for Faith and Kyle! You can already tell that they make terrific parents.

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