My New Favorite Watch

JORD When I was first contacted by JORD to try out and share my experience with one of their wood watches, I was a bit skeptical. I'm not super into wearing things on my wrists. Plus, during the summer we spend most of our days near water. Why would I want a wood watch? Or so I thought.

Then I looked at their website and I started to get really excited. I changed my mind about which watch I wanted to try about eleven times. I even told a friend I picked a watch completely different from the one I actually picked. Ultimately, I chose the Zebrawood and Maple watch from the Fieldcrest Series.

Then my watch came in the mail. It was a bit snug at first so I wasn't wearing it much. And then I unpacked the gorgeous box to take pictures and found extra links in the bottom.  I have no clue why I didn't look right away, but I was thrilled that they were included and also impressed by this sign of quality.

Once the extra link was in place, my watch took up residence on my wrist. I love it so much and simply take it on and off throughout the day if we end up near water. The colors are neutral but striking and the wood makes it very lightweight. Its actually perfect for summer, completely contrary to my initial thoughts. But you better believe I will be wearing it year round. The watch gets easily noticed without me noticing any added bulk to my wrists. Even when I am working at my computer, this watch rarely comes off.


Basically, I've been proven wrong and absolutely love wearing the right accessory on my wrist

I love the details. I keep switching up what I wear with the watch on my wrist and even which wrist. I've traditionally be a left wrist watch wearer, but now I think my new watch is going to live on my right wrist. Look at me, I am a changed woman. (Yes, a tad dramatic, but I just have that many great things to say about this watch). These watches would make a great gift - anniversary, Christmas, graduation. Add them to your list. Your people will thank you.

JORD provided me with this watch in exchange for this review, but the thoughts here are entirely my own. And I definitely started as a skeptic. My super fashionable sister also loved my watch so much when she saw it in person, she ordered her own! If you get one, I'd love to know which you pick and what you think.


  1. LOVE that watch and it looks great with your Jones Market goodies!!!

  2. I've never seen a wood watch before. I like that they're simple and yet elegant.

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  3. It's great with a wood watch. I'm finding introductions to do by myself since it's not sold here.

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