November Goals with Grace

We ran some errands this past weekend, the day after Halloween.  Stepping into the stores felt more like the week after black Friday. Shelves had been stocked with Christmas and already ransacked, lines were longer than I've seen in months, and the buzz of anxious chaos left me shaken. Looking forward through the month of November, I want to be conscious to keep our family pace relaxed.

Recap of October Goals:
  • I've been working on a writing project - are you sick of hearing me talk about this yet?
  • Trim back the excess - this is going well, and I am excited to share about it!
  • Write every day - October was like a punch in the gut. I definitely didn't write, but I missed it and I am ready to be back here more regularly.
  • Start my mornings in worship - I got back into consistently reading my Bible, I hope to add exercise back as we begin November.
  • Better breakfast - we are still working on this one. 

November Goals:
  • Maybe the goal to write isn't going very well...
  • Get outside. This used to be a goal of mine during the warmer months. Now that the weather is getting cold, its even more important to get outside early and often.
  • Order and address our Christmas cards before Thanksgiving. No more waiting too long and feeling frantic.
  • Leisure reading - two books in November. I haven't decided which books they will be, but I want to spend enough time reading to get through two books this month. Its important to set an example of reading for my boys.
  • Family reading time. Similar to the personal reading goal, I want to finish a few chapter books with the boys. We are currently reading Stuart Little and we get on so many tangents of laughter and imagination we just don't get very far in the book. Reading daily would help us both finish books and continue to have our hilarious conversations.

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I'd love to hear what your November goals are looking like 
and how you balance the crazy of the season. 

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  1. I generally struggle to get outside with the kids once it starts getting colder. But I want to try to do better this year and enjoy what we can when we can!

  2. ahhh the christmas card goal !!
    and I adore family reading time :) It will be a wonderful month!



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