June Goals

May Goal Recap:
  • Plant our balcony herb garden. Success! And we have been spending so much time out there, including breakfast this morning
  • Cook with the herbs from the garden each week. If by cook, you mean make mint tea, then this one is also a success.
  • Create a list of adventures for the summer, no more than one per week. Done. I can't wait to share these with you.
  • Finish the first draft of a project I am working on and send it off for review before Memorial Day Weekend. I didn't spend one single hour on this. Moving to June, for real!
  • Outline and re-establish a structured bedtime routine for our family. Create a poster with Behr outlining the steps. Again, missed this and we need it more than ever!
  • Break out the paints and have fun, at least once this month. Maybe on a date night with Mark? 

All in all, my May goals were a bit unrealistic considering it is one of my busiest work months and we had three weddings to go to! Sometimes I think about my goals in a bubble, not taking into consideration the other things I have going on in our life. Does that ever happen to you?

June Goals:

  • Finish the first draft of a project I am still working on and send it off for review.
  • Weekly date nights with Mark.
  • Outline and re-establish a structured bedtime routine for our family. Create a poster with Behr outlining the steps.
  • Pantry/Farm Share cooking -- our grocery budget has gotten away from me and we need to reign it back in.
  • Kick off two new and exciting blog series. More info coming next week about how you might be able to participate.

I am excited for it to be summer and can't wait to share our summer adventure list with you. Be sure to check back for it tomorrow! What is on your summer adventure list?

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p.s. congrats to Liz Hall for winning the handmade care package for entering my survey at the bottom of the May goals!


  1. Great goals! I especially like the one date night per week idea, the hubs and I really need to work on that (I mean we're lucky if it's once a month....shameful)!
    Summer adventure list.....lots of outdoor activities as that is where everyone is the happiest, walks, parks, splash pads, zoos, playdates with friends, family time and the list could go on! I just love summer and working a 8a-4p 5 days a week makes it that much more important for us to get in that family time and fun outdoors! Oh and also a trip to TX to visit my brother and sister in law and their new baby who is due to arrive in 2 weeks, eeek!!!
    Happy Summer, friend!

  2. I need to do the bed time routine too! I'm so worn out by the end of the day I'm too likely to just stick my kids in bed :) But I know a good routine will help us not miss stuff (we probably forget to brush their teeth more than I'd like to admit) and also help them settle down more easily.



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