Ordering Stationery for Hudson

Spring rolls into Summer and before you know it you find your self with jam-packed weekends, picnics, barbecues, vacations, baptisms, and if you are anything like me, you are already feeling behind! Hudson's first birthday and baptism were at the beginning of April and I have delayed in sending out thank you notes (its really terrible how longs its been...) because I wanted to get him his own stationery. Behr has his own stationery, but I have put off Hudson's for far too long! You know how it is, second kid, mom gets busy, things slip by, my friend Courtney has a great blog series #showyourreal on the subject...

Thank goodness our fabulous friends at Tiny Prints (where we also ordered Behr's note cards) know what's up. They have a promo running that is too good to let pass.

Until July 24th (that is tomorrow!) at 8am (yes, that early), all thank you cards are 50% off by entering promo code: 0723DEAL

Up top are the options I am considering for Hudson. Which would you choose? 

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