Hudson's First Birthday + Baptism

The morning of Hudson's birthday we woke him up with apple sauce pancakes, his favorite food. After grabbing the candle, and then blowing it out with the help of his older brother, it was time to dig in. Hudson devoured his short stack and kept looking for more. Until he spotted the gifts. Pointing and clapping excitedly, we passed the presents over to the birthday boy. Again, Behr helped the process along. These two, they were having a blast together ripping open the gifts and squealing in delight. You can see from the range of expressions in these photos, but it was pure joy in our home this morning. And that birthday sign behind Hudson? Behr helped me make it using these. Once the gifts were unwrapped, Hudson promptly put each and every object in his mouth. (inspiration)

Over the weekend, our extended family came into town as we gathered to celebrate Hudson. Sunday morning, Hudson was baptized in front of our church, who committed to raising him up in the faith. After the service, we picnicked at a nearby park for his first birthday celebration. Although the cherry blossoms hadn't quite come out, the sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and it was a lovely time with family. Hoagies, fruit salad, and cake were on the menu, as well as this delicious tea. The boys played and it was the perfect way to spend our weekend. We are so thankful for Hudson and the gift he is to our family.

Happy, happy, happiest Birthday Hudson!

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  1. Sounds like a sweet weekend celebrating Hudson! I just love the first picture at the baptism where it looks like the boys are reaching for each other, so cute! And your family pictures and that last one of you and Hudson, well they are so are truly blessed!

  2. what a sweet day! happy birthday to your little one!

  3. I can't believe he's one! Such a fun fun day :) AND I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM AND SQUEEZE HIM AND YOU AND BEHR! I won't squeeze Mark. I promise.



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