Easter 2014 + Sending Pictures to Family

We had a sweet, filled Easter Sunday. Lots of stops, from our church's first Easter service, to potlucks with our church family and then dinner with neighbors. A few more activities were planned, and then skipped thanks to epic naps. But it was probably for the better. Throughout the day, we quietly reflected on how our every day points to both our need for a savior and his triumphant resurrection.

These two, they look like they are in cahoots with one another!

Over the years, the idea of creating tradition has been belabored here on the blog. We've had fits and starts, but may finally be settling into routines that suits our family. We've settled on some books we read throughout lent, keeping them on our coffee table instead of the book shelf. This is our third year having a low-key Easter egg hunt out front (see 2013, still pregnant with Hudson & 2012). We make an egg casserole the night before so cooking is minimal in the morning -- reducing this helps me be calmer, everyone gets to eat sooner, and as parents, we can be more present with the boys. We also keep our egg hunt simple and try to time it based on when everyone seems to be in a good happy, well-fed state, rather than squeeze it in before church or before naps.

Behr has been telling people there are race cars in Easter eggs, because that is what we did last year. Memory of an elephant, I tell you. To his disappointment, we moved away from the race cars. He loves his race cars, but there isn't much to distinguish between them, and there is even less that points back to God. We opted for Schleich farm animals. The boys were both thrilled by these, and Behr has already been talking about Noah's Ark, God making the rain forests and the jungles and the farms, and how animals have babies too. I am hopeful that over the years as this animal collection will lead to both imaginative play and opportunities for conversation.

A bit about how we keep family in the loop with growing boys on our hands:

I recently realize I am sorely behind in sending letters to the boys grandparents and great-grandparents. Since Behr was little, I have purchased photo cards from Shutterfly to serve as updates with both pictures and a few details about our happenings. Since Hudson joined the party, this has been lacking. But I am picking it up again! Now through Wednesday (4/23) photo cards are on sale from 30-50% off. My favorite is to use the picture folded cards (available in portrait or landscape) so the only design or text on the card is what I choose to add. The quality is great, the grandparents love them. They are easy to share. I order enough for all the family, one for each of the boys "baby boxes" and for Mark and I to each put on on our desks. For ~$1.50 each, they are a huge win for everyone who doesn't get to see the boys every day.

I would love to hear from you. How was your Easter?
Have for formed any new traditions or are you carrying on some from your own childhood?
And if you have kids, how do you keep the extended family in the loop? (especially those not on social media)
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  1. Look at these handsome little men! They look like they're having so much fun! I just can't get enough of their sweet faces.



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