Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was like a deep breath. Our pace hasn't really slowed since Mark finished grad school. Now with spring finally arriving, we welcomed a weekend in a familiar place with no schedule or to do list. Sometimes you don't realize how fast you are moving until everything around you slows down. We obliged and enjoyed the rest.

Behr loved hunting for Easter eggs. We are thrilled with the wooden eggs and longaberger basket we found on etsy, especially as Behr dropped every egg several times before they finally made their way into the basket. Behr was also estatic about all things Uncle Ben, from washing the car, to golfing, and even using tools to craft a mini lacrosse stick.

On Sunday, we had a mini family photo session, Uncle Ben took 71 pictures, the curse of digital, and a few managed to turn out alright, we even replicated last year's Easter portrait.


  1. sweater vests! #winning

    Also, Mary Tobin has an Uncle Ben, too! Our family is looking for a Jemima for him to marry and make an aunt.

  2. so cute! our easter weekend was also very relaxing. too bad the next two weekends actually involve working.


  3. great pictures! love that backyard.

  4. Ah the vest! I am in love. And I'm eyeing that sweet little rocker as well. What type of school did your husband just finish? Mine finishes in 3 weeks and I can't help but feel that then life will begin!

  5. LOVE your Easter outfit Shannon!!!



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