Traveling With Oils

As I packed my bags for our getaway weekend, I realized it was the first time traveling by plane with my oils. Wanting to travel light, it was apparent I wouldn't bring them all. I grabbed a small plastic pouch and a few of the oils I use most frequently without much consideration of what I was bringing and what I was leaving behind. On the trip, I used my oils as I would at home -- it has become second nature. So here we are, a quick glance at the oils that I use daily.

Lemon -- I add a few drops to my water, especially first thing in the morning. It acts as a pick me up, helping to reduce my coffee/sugar intake. I also add this to my tea.

Lavender -- Mixed with coconut oil, I apply this to any dry skin or rashes that I have. When traveling or over-exhausted, I often get itchy. applying lavender helps ease and prevent this.

Peppermint -- I apply this several times a week to my temples and sinuses. This helps me bounce back from headaches, ward off migraines, and clear my nasal passages. I've suffered from chronic sinus problems, but have been medicine free since November thanks in large part to peppermint oil.

Valor -- I've heard this oil called a chiropractor in a bottle, and for me it is true. I apply this to the base of my spine, and occasionally on my feet and experience less back pain throughout the day -- I fidget less and don't feel as tempted to crack my back on my own. It also helps serve as a sensory reminder to maintain better posture.

PanAway -- I apply this to my knees/IT band area before workouts, and to my broken toe. (Side note: I've had a broken toe since 2009, the only remedy is to not bump into anything, but I am a total klutz and keep re-injuring it!) Since using PanAway on my toe, I have had little to no pain, even when I occasionally bump it against something.

Deep Relief* -- This oil brings comfort to my achey shoulders. Between lugging two kids around and poor nursing posture, my upper back is constantly tight and is a source of sleeplessness. Using deep relief in combination with stretches has helped ease the tension and help me get more sleep.

Stress Away* -- I apply this to my wrists to ease stress or anxiousness. This helped me travel more peacefully and also get less worked up when plans don't go smoothly.

Thieves -- An immune booster, I apply thieves to my feet before going out, especially getting on a plane! to prevent catching whatever is in the recirculated air. I also will place a few drops in the shower when traveling or the humidifier at home to purify the air.

Frankincense -- I take 1-2 drops of this internally every day. I also apply this to a few scars and skin tags, sometimes directly, sometimes with carrier oil to help my skin heal.

Most of these oils are included in The Young Living Everyday Oils Kit, with the exception of the two roll-ons* which I purchased separately. All of these oils have many more uses than simply listed here. I use oils around my house, for the kids, when sickness strikes, and for prevention. But these are a few ways I use my oils every day. I have spent 5 years pursuing a more holistic approach to my family's health. After learning more about the differences between oils, I spent over a year researching different companies, and have been using oils from Young Living consistently since October 2013.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. 
Or you can email me at: shannon.thescribblepad(at)gmail(dot)com

Disclaimer: These opinions are entirely my own. This information is based on what I have learned from research and results in my personal use of these oils. Please use your own judgement and consult your medical professional regarding your use of oils.

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