Loving God's People: Be a Baby Holder

Babies cry. Long and loud and sometimes they cause your ears to ring and mouth to go dry from the stress of the grating noise. I've survived two babies with colic. Sure, colic ends, babies stop crying and it's just a blip in perspective of their life. None of this helps. The advice, tips, feedback, even books we read and doctors we consult make no difference at 3am. Moms need people. People to show up with a sweet tea, a smoothie, or a milkshake. People to joyfully look at a screaming baby with a smile that says, "Here, let me take that little reflux monster off your hands, I don't mind the smell of puke." People who are simply willing to hold an exhausted, won't stop crying, refuses to sleep, clearly well fed baby, and not utter a word as to what the solution might be. New moms need these kind of people every single day.

I have a friend who was always willing to hold Hudson, especially when he was screaming. She often gave him back to me peacefully swaddled and sleepy. On my hardest days, I would try to find the park she was at and tag along. She sees my motives and loves me through. Every momma needs a friend like this with which to do life. Be that friend.

Now that Hudson is approaching his first birthday (makes me equally giddy and weepy), I have realized what a tremendous support these friends were, and continue to be. Hudson's needs from me are changing. My ability to hold someone else's screaming baby is increasing. This is one way I will be loving God's people. I am going to become a self-proclaimed professional baby holder. Bring on the screams!

(and as for the books that don't help...here are a few that just might)

These books are on my nightstand when they aren't being lent out to a friend. I turn to them frequently. 

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  1. Loved womanly art of breastfeeding - so much good helpful advice.

  2. Thanks for sharing and for your heart for other mommas. Brought tears to my eyes as I realized this is exactly what I needed a few weeks ago but was too prideful to recognize.

  3. Great idea! Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  4. This is a must read post!! I absolutely love it. Everything you said was perfect! It was so beautiful to hear someone else say it.

    I was blessed that my son was remarkably good most of the time, but you truly do need those moments for someone to bring you a treat or say here let me step in...



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