January and February Goals

One of the best decisions I have made so far in 2014 was a month long blogging hiatus. January is a busy month in our family with Behr's birthday just after the holidays, busy in the world of Mark's work, and also filled with welcoming new residents into the intern housing building where we live. Adding the pressure of making the new year "count" in unnecessary. Instead, I prefer to start the year slow, which for 2014, meant spending less time online. (I will be back-dating a few catch-up posts as this blog serves as our family journal. But just a few.) I need the month of January to shake off the dust, clean the slate, and settle down with my goals and resolutions to really make them count. Once my head and home are clear, the goals I set are lasting.

As we kick off February, I am excited to think about goals.

December Goals:

  • Do one Christmas activity with Behr each week - this was a smashing success!
  • Do one festive family activity each weekend - a close enough success. We balances restful family time with memory making activities, and while we missed the DC Zoo lights, and didn't squeeze in a play or concert, we were satisfied.  
  • Prepare my heart for a 2014 challenge - taking time in December to reflect on #contentment challenge was especially helpful.
  • Finish the concept phase and photographs for my Spring 2014 Collection for my etsy shop - this didn't happen and it changed pretty dramatically in January
  • Pantry cook - we kept our grocery bill down! This might become an every other month goal!

January Goals:

  • Spend time journaling, see how it goes - This. Did. Not. Happen. In fact, the only thing I journaled was this list of January goals. 
  • Embrace Podcasts - love, love love podcasts and also listening to books. Taking in information when driving or doing household chores is my new favorite.
  • Low Stress 3rd Birthday Party for Behr - smashing success (a back dated post may surface soon)
  • Brainstorm and pray about goals using the Whitney English #daydesigner and Lara Casey #powersheets - I feel well equipped to move into the year with the start I have gotten on this, although there is still some adjusting to do. The MOST significant is the decision to close my etsy shop for the time being. 
  • One coffee/lunch date with friends each week - I have no clue, but this felt like a success. 
  • Shift Friday mornings from busy time to time to invest in my own development - January was a bit too harried for this, but it is still on my radar. 
  • Share #contentment challenge with friends and family - so encouraged. Excited to share more with you all soon!

February Goals:

  • Keep trying to journal.
  • One coffee/lunch date with friends each week
  • Focus on Friday mornings
  • Find ways to get active with Behr during the dreary days we get stuck inside.  
  • Finish books I am mid-way through.
  • Start my mornings before the kids/work on bible study during breakfast
  • Pantry cook
  • Museum Hop

What are your February goals? How about 2014? Do you have your goals ready to go January 1st? Or do you need some time, like me, to get the year established first?


  1. Hey I popped over from Tiny Twig's linkup. I took the whole month of January to go through my Powersheets, and I'm so glad I didn't rush it. One of my goals this month is to actually start buying baby stuff - our first little one is coming in about 4 weeks, so...yeah, it seemed important. :) And embracing podcasts? I'm an addict, too! Definitely makes the routine chores more enjoyable!

  2. Great goals! Do you have any recommendations for good podcasts? This really interests me.

  3. I love these! Especially the coffee dates :)

  4. Such good goals! I'm with Carly--I'd love to have some podcast recommendations!

  5. Hey Shannon! Love these. One suggestion for activities with Behr . . . lap books! My mom swears by them. Let me see if I can convince her to update her blog with the directions. When she talks about them it makes me so excited that *I* want to do one!

    Emily from The Orange Slate

  6. Great goals! I love the low stress birthday party idea (already been thinking that's a goal for July for M's 1st) and the one coffee/lunch date per week. I've kinda been doing that unintentionally at work and it's been so good for me. Getting together with other working moms makes a huge difference in my outlook as such!

    And I too would love to hear your podcast recs :)



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