Is hospitality holy?

Leviticus 19 begins with God commanding Moses to tell the people of Israel, “Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy.”

Sometimes I think the discussion of holiness gets sticky. Actually, I don’t fully understand where lines of holiness are drawn.

Can hospitality be holy? Certainly not all hospitality is holy.

Is opening my home and resources to share with others holy? Do those actions depend on where my heart is in order to be determined holy or unholy? Or is God’s work in and through me enough to cover the sin that most certainly is in me during my efforts to be hospitable.

Who am I to declare that being hospitable is holy?

This is where I got stuck in my writing. I do not want to be sharing heresy. A biblical scholar, I am not.  So while I seek advice and perspective on holiness and its relationship to hospitality, I am going to focus on God honoring.

Hospitality, sharing with and welcoming our friends, neighbors, and strangers, is God honoring. It is good. And is it most certainly what God asks of us, as we talked about yesterday.

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  1. not sure that i would think of hospitality as holy, though i do completely agree on it being God honoring. and well if it's honoring a holy God, it may actually be holy because of it.



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