How do hospitality and holiness relate?

After my writer’s block and self-doubt, questioning who I was to speak of what is holy, I found community to help bring the answer. (God created us to be in community, people!) A couple hours of great conversation later, I am encouraged.

Hospitality is holy!

When it is in faith that we reach out, being hospitable to one another, that it is holy. God commands hospitality.

Not all hospitality is necessarily holy, but it certainly can be. Reaching out and loving our neighbors, done in faith is a holy act. I’ve been reminded that any act in faith can be holy. Baking cookies, feeding friends, disciplining my children or even changing diapers can all be holy, when done in faith.

Side note: over the past few months I have been astounded by how isolating motherhood can be. This post is a direct result of friends reaching in and puling me out of the uncertainty that crept in through loneliness. Yes, I have my children all day long, park visits, and live in a bustling city. But without rich community, I was forgetting basic truths. Only a few days in and this writing series is already a greater challenge I ever would have imagined. 

Tomorrow I will be sharing practical ways to begin to approach hospitality.

I am joining The Nester's Challenge and blogging for #31Days 
on the topic of Hospitality and Holiness

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