We're On Vacation: Beach Essentials

In case you don't follow along on instagram or twitter and have missed my onslaught of #schreibersummer2013 posts, we are on vacation. We have been tossing around a mix of things to bring to the beach since Behr was born. Now, in our third summer in, we think we may have gotten it down pat. Our must haves for all day comfort include the following:

waterproof bottomed bag | two chairs, although Behr is starting to want his own
beach tent, but we are considering switching to this one | two towels, we never need more than two at a time
bug spray, which we used to always forget | a wagon to pack it all up

we are still on the search for:
the perfect cooler
baby friendly sunscreen that Behr won't protest

what are your beach essentials?

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  1. Loved seeing your pics on Instagram...looks like you guys had a great time and those boys of yours....the cutest!!!

  2. Loved those pics! You guys had such a blast, and I was so bummed we couldn't meet up! I'm a fan of a big hat to protect my fair face and SPF 55. I like the Alba stuff and California Baby (have you tried that with Behr?). Don't make fun of the baby sunscreen! I have eczema that gets agitated in the summer (thanks sweat)!

  3. Wow, these are certainly cool items perfect for summer splash! Yeah, I think baby needs should be included and prioritized too! I think you missed the bathing suit! Just kidding! But I do wish you’d post photos of your summer escapade. I can’t wait to take a peek! See ya!

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