Little Days Hudson's Faces

Hudson is still living large in the days or "I have no neck." But little by little he is happier sitting more upright. Often times at the park, I plop him in the front of our stroller so he can take everything in without needing to be held in the sticky heat. We sit and make faces at each other while Behr runs around. It isn't much, but it is sweet time the two of us have. The way Hudson switches from face to face reminds me that he is just learning to flex these muscles. He will make a new face, looking as if it takes tremendous effort to reach this new expression and then just like that, the elastic springs back to his resting phase. It reminds me of testing out my sense of feeling after dental work and trying desperately not to publicly drool. Can you imagine what it would feel like to move your face in a new way for the first time?                                        Disclaimer: compensated affiliate links may be used in this post. 

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