Life Lately: Summer Heat

1. I am excited to announce that I am one of the first Umbassadors, leading the way to promote sustainable handmade businesses. Umba is a curated selection of hand made artists, so when you shop through them, you know you are getting the real deal, not factory made knock offs. Even better, Umba is a platform for artists stories to be shared. If you are interested in seeing more (or shopping!) take a look here. I hosted my first party Friday night, and it was a great time with friends. I look forward to helping promote these artists and their stories even more!

2. It is hot in DC. We have been spending morning, evening, and even nights at Yards Park. It is by far our favorite way to stay cool in the city. p.s. I am also more grateful for my waterproof iphone case every time we go!

3. My mom spent last week with us because she had meetings in the city. When she stays, we get our fill! Behr wakes Yia-yia up first thing in the morning and we keep her running until we all crash in the evening. I am always so thankful for all that she does, even when running low on energy. The extra set of hands and the solid encouragement are both tremendous support.

4. These cute little faces. When you see them on instagram, its all smiles. But I am still struggling with getting too easily frustrated and yelling. I know my triggers (time and noise) but haven't quite figured out alternatives that work well for us. For know, Behr and I are both encouraging each other to, "keep cool."

5. We put our abundance of veggies from our CSA to use with fish tacos - the ultimate throw whatever you have in there meal. If you are looking for a good recipe, I loosely used this one and made PW's mango salsa without the pineapple, because we didn't have any. Like I said, whatever you have.

6. Hudson is three months old, and I am definitely feeling the 4th trimester shift. He no longer feels so little, my hormones are shifting, we are falling into a routine that gets better each week, and my body is getting back to normal, but I still feel off. I am definitely emotionally out of sorts with it all. The feelings and emotions are swinging pretty wildly, but I am hoping to get it written down. I am just not sure what "it" is yet. I don't remember experiencing this with Behr, so I am not really sure what to make of it.

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  1. Hudson, you're so big!! And Umba sounds really cool! I can't wait to hear more about it. And fish tacos are always amazing.

  2. Picture #4 is my favorite... the sunglasses are pretty awesome. :)

  3. don't be too hard on yourself with the yelling - it happens, and you're trying to manage two healthy, expressive boys so you get a pass every once in a while. i have noticed that i complain very frequently, so i tried a challenge last week: no complaining. knowing that it was only for a week made it much more manageable (even though I knew the week was going to be crazy and I was going to want to complain A LOT). somehow, knowing that it was only for one week made it less daunting and also clearer in the effect it had: I noticed a huge improvement in my emotional state when I didn't complain about every little thing. just an idea for you. baby steps!! and go easy on yourself <3

  4. Hi! Love your little one - so cute! Happy 3 months....I remember that transition all to well..the 4th trimester brought MANY surprises.
    Checked out amazing! Congrats on that.

    My first time here, found ya via Wild & Precious blog hop! Glad I did, love your site!




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