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This post was written Sunday afternoon with both children making a ruckus in the next room.
photos are from "nap" time.

I took a nap today. Well, Behr took a nap while Hudson and I snuggled and smiled and cooed and nursed until that boy finally fell asleep. Just a short bit later, Behr woke up and decided to announce his status with a startling roar.

But basically, I took a nap. The best attempt at a nap in months. Literally.

I am a doer, not a napper. My biggest challenge with naps is my ever constant mental to do list streaming across the underside of my eye lids. If I think about lying down I get twitchy with the inactivity. But lately? I have needed naps. I haven't had the chance to take them, but goodness gracious, I need them. These two boys, the city, the heat. I am exhausted when I wake back up in the morning. Even my favorite iced coffee concoction isn't helping.

The minutes I was able to steal away today were well worth it. Even the minutes that I wasn't sleeping, but was at least laying down, in relative quiet. So worth it. While I didn't feel rested, my mind felt clear again. So much had been bouncing around that I couldn't even really think straight. I was distracted at church this morning, confused by details of our coming week this afternoon. But the nap helped. I need to do a better job listening to my body and rest when the opportunity presents itself.

Do you nap or rest? How do you clear your head and feel rejuvenated?

So often I twiddle away time on my phone or standing in front of the fridge thinking about what to eat or make for dinner (sometimes even wondering what would make me feel better). I have so much to do, I get scattered and become less efficient, and for me that leads to frustration.

I don't just need rest. I need to be rejuvenated. While eight hours of sleep would be nice, what I really need is life giving rest. I need to sleep when my body says sleep, and read God's word when I start to get that jittery twitch. I need to start my days in the word, not with a shrill cry. Just a few minutes in scripture help me tremendously, even when I don't think I have the time. As we approach August, I want to be in God's word more consistently. Please ask me how it is going. Keep me accountable. Leave a comment or send a tweet. I am going to go set my alarm - once for when I should be heading to bed tonight, and another time for when I should be getting up (fingers crossed before the kids) tomorrow.

How do you make time for scripture and prayer?

p.s. while Mark cooked dinner tonight, I was also able to read a few passages of Ephesians. I love jumping back to old #SheReadsTruth studies and re-reading them. 

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  1. Oh this speaks to me. First, I am not a napper. Gave them up at an early age and I pray that my children don't follow that path! To this day, I still cannot nap. I fear I'll miss out on the fun, on the free time from the kids, on something. And usually I sit and waste time on the computer, watching TV, playing a game on the iPad. . . all so stupid. I do wake up before my kids. When Axel eats at 7, I stay awake and shower until they're both up for the day at 8. I really should read scriptures during that time.

    At the beginning of the year I wrote down a goal for every month and August's goal was reading religious texts daily. I don't think it's any coincidence that you posted this just three days before I start that. So we can do it together! I'll tweet you :)

  2. I am a doer as well. IF i can get all four kids down napping at the same time I'd rather do then nap. Well actually I'd rather nap but i don't like to be waken from my nap so I don't attempt it. Plus there is always tons to get done. I love the layout of your blog. I'm working on a new design of my blog, which plugins do you use?

  3. I HAVE to nap. Not optional at this point in my life. It's hard to do, but if I have the chance I force myself to laydown (and PUT DOWN THE IPHONE!! I feel guilty (lazy) for it sometimes, but then I remember that I have a 7 week old. So I'm allowed to do anything I want, in order to get by. Glad you're getting some rest too!



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