Our Life Lately, and questions for you!

Sometimes I get bogged down with what to blog about because there is so much I want to share and so few coherent thoughts. This is one of the million reasons I love Blair from Wild and Precious. Guys, "Life Lately" might be my most favorite blog link up ever.

Here is what has been going on in our house.

This Space
I am getting back into blogging again and realizing how much I missed connecting with all of you. One of my main goals is to get the #bloggerbookclub going again. Here is my plan for the next few months. Will you join me?

pssst. CSA season started and I have a bunch of new recipes to share over the next few weeks AND a seasonal eating shopping list coming to my etsy shop soon. I can't wait to show you!

I yell. 
A lot. At my kids. Even Hudson.
This post is convicting and reminding me that I need to find alternative outlets. I can already see how my yelling at Behr is changing him, and it has only been three weeks since he finished daycare and started spending the full day with me.

We have been spending most of our days at parks recently. The sea-saw or teeter totter (what is it actually called anyway?) is our favorite, but climbing obstacles are a close second. Everything is higher and faster for Behr these days.

I never imagined how many lessons there would be on playground equipment. We are all learning together as a family from how to share and take turns, to why some parks have completely different demographics at different times of the week. Mostly we are learning how to love and care for our friends, even new ones. I am learning how to have meaningful conversations with other moms and nannies, a huge challenge for me that I never anticipated. And we are learning the times of days that are best for playing and best for sleeping. Because going all day surely leads to meltdowns for all of us.

We are not sleeping.
Hudson is a champ. I won't say any more for fear that his sleep will change. But Behr is a never tiring ball of energy. We literally crash hard mid-afternoon which results in a harried evening. How do you handle nap time with a child who has abundant energy? I am at a loss and desperately seeking a schedule that serves us all better.

Little Days
This is a Thursday link up that I have been hosting. The goal was to pick up where Morgan was with Small Style - a weekly sharing of our kids. I also wanted a regular outlet to talk about the simple and sweet moments of my week that aren't always "blog-worthy" but that I know I want captured for our family to remember. Give me feedback. I would love to know your thoughts on this...should I drop it? will you join me? should I bring in co-hosts? what do you think about link ups? comment away!

Do you know me?
I have quite a few readers {dare I say lurkers} who I don't really know. Do you feel like you know me? Is there more you want to see or have me share? What do you want to know?


  1. I wonder if I'm a lurker. :) I forget if I comment or not. Anyway, I've been reading your blog for quite a while and I feel like I know you! I love how you write and I love all the pictures of your cute family. :) You're great.

  2. HI! :) i like reading your blog. :)

  3. Love hearing from your heart sweet mama!! Oh man. I yell too much too ;)

  4. haha I feel like a lurker some times. I don't always comment because I often read on my iPhone and rarely get a moment to sit at the computer. I like the little days link up and want to join in... just haven't gotten around to it yet. I like link ups when they give you a good topic/focus to blog about and you can read a few other people's posts. I don't really like when there are lots of rules like "follow all 10 hosts and at least 3 people" I feel overwhelmed by that and end up with a long list of blogs in my feed that I don't read. I also love your CSA ideas and your mom thoughts/moments. I would love to read a post about your transition to staying home and something about how you managed being a working mom (maybe you did and I missed it?!)

  5. yeppers, yelling stinks. but we all sink there. not being a fan of your own yelling is the first step, i think. so you are good.

    sleep with two year old boys is tough i think. bob was two when owen was born and the entire first year felt like a battle to get him to go to bed. the good news is that at three and a half naptime is a breeze and bedtime's not bad either. things that have helped with naptime: I try to really wear the boy out in the morning -- swim lessons, hike, etc. We go straight for nap immediately after lunch; no chance to get worked back up with more playing. We read ONE book, not more; two, three, four, twenty... they're all the same to a preschooler (plus with owen waiting to go down I don't have time for the luxurious reading schedule we used to be on). A new thing, I ask if he wants to just take a really short rest (of course!) and I set the kitchen timer for "one minute" (actually 30) and say I will check on him when it beeps, and he is almost always asleep by then.

    good luck. and one more thing: do whatever you like here!

  6. I KNOW YOU. Like. Furrealz. I've missed you on here, but I totally understand that you are a busy lady with your beautiful boys. I love your park trips though; seeing Behr playing on Vine is just so adorable!

  7. Yelling. I try so hard to keep it to a minimum. But this is real life. And I hate saying NO all the time, but what can I say? Yes, run out in to the street Olivia! So it's NO! Don't run away! NO don't lick the screen door! All while I'm nursing. Any anger I have towards my kids that I manage to control (because it's not their fault they're babies!) gets misdirected at my husband when he does the littlest thing to bother me.

    So right now I'm super grateful Olivia is still in a crib and that I let her keep her pacifiers for nap time because she will actually ask to take a nap. Maybe there is something special you can give Behr during nap time only???

    Prayers for you my dear.



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