Little Days with Hudson

It is high time Hudson made an appearance on little days. I have had these pictures for a few weeks, but wasn't sure if they would ever make the blog.

// these pictures are from before I cut my hair
// from a moment when I was cranky and barking at the people I love, before this post
// these pictures are from the height of colic and Hudson wasn't having it

Instead, these pictures will remind me that hair grows, that yelling never actually makes things better, and that this sweet little scrunched up fussy face cried for hours and hours his first few weeks of life but we still love him. Also, I his serious face kills me.

We are slowly creeping out of colic (I am so afraid to say that!) and enjoying smiles. That's most of what we are doing these days, enjoying more smiles.

p.s. My shirt is from stitch fix
I am so grateful that I have a few new items to spruce up my wardrobe. 
It makes me actually want to get my picture taken. Sort of.

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  1. What a handsome little bug!! And when did Behr get to be such a big boy? And I love your top. I love everything about this post, basically.

  2. Hudson's little outfit?!?! I die.

  3. You look Great, love these pictures!!!

  4. The picture of you with both the boys makes me think of Jackie Kennedy....timeless and classy.

  5. Shannon! It's so hard, but looking back it will seem like such a short time :) Olivia chose the climax of Axel's colic days to start being a real terrible two year old. But lately I almost don't realize it's time for Adam to be home, which makes me realize that I'm not counting the minutes like I used to. Things are getting better. It will be so great when your two boys are older and have each other to play with!!!

  6. Well, I'm glad you used the pictures and shared the background! I'm SO happy to hear you're nearing the end of the colic days. It's gone fast for me, at least! :-)



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