Little Days with Friends on the Water

When we were visiting friends over Memorial Day weekend, I swapped Hudson for the three big kids and piles them all in my new Phil&Ted's stroller. Our friends live in a neighborhood with water access and it was fun to take the kids down to see. Our adventure tested the limited of stroller versatility as well as my own ability to wrangle three near danger. When the kids clamored up to this bench, I was sure to make them pause for a picture. Being familiar with their moms snapping pictures, these three rascals all started rocking back and forth. The result of many of the pictures were a blur, but two turned out well enough to share.

I am grateful for friend with kids who live on the water. I am also grateful for these friends for a a lot more reasons, too many to mention.
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  1. Which Phil&Teds did you end up getting? How do you like it?

    1. We got the Explorer - the 2011 model (not the newer version Navigator). We like it so far! People complain about kicking it and lack of storage. I have not kicked it, but I agree there is little room for a diaper bag or anything else for that matter.



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