Becoming a Parent of "Two" with Kimberly

"Two is easier than one."
"Two isn't double the work, its exponential."

Everyone has to give their two cents about parenting two kids, so here is mine: Plan for the worst and hope for the best.  You'll probably have moments of both.

Axel is a more difficult baby, but my ability to handle difficult has increased so it is easier.  Crying doesn't send me into a panic like it used to.  I don't cry when he sleeps a lot of the day, worried he wont sleep at night.  I've learned that more often than not, babies sleep.

Each day gets a little easier, except when they get harder but those days are rare.  I strive to find a balance between my chores and baby snuggles.  A balance between Olivia and Axel.  A balance between mom time and me time.

When Axel was five weeks old I found myself cooking dinner while he slept on the couch.  Olivia was "helping" from her high chair (a plastic knife and piece of carrot help her feel involved).  My cute husband was chatting with us while paying bills and checking his email.  And I realized how happy I was, how relaxed I was and how it all seemed meant to be.

I hardly slept last night, but those nights are the exception and not the rule, and now that I've done it before I know it will not last forever.  Also, I can be totally lazy on days after nights like that.  I don't have to conquer the world everyday.  Snuggles are all my babies really need.

Well, snuggles and food.

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  1. Shannon, thank you so much for having me! Kisses to Behr and Hudson!!



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