Little Days: Morning Snuggles

Welcome to Little Days.

This is a link up encouraging us to slow down and capture the little moments with our kids. We hope you'd join us in sharing these moments by linking up, sharing the love with the #littledays hashtag and stopping by and saying hello to everyone who joins in the fun.

Our family starts most days snuggling in bed together. I absolutely love this. I can only imagine what it will be like with two kids! (and I now can appreciate why people have king beds.)

Sometimes the snuggles are just a ploy for Behr to get his hands on our iPhones, but when he takes a stream of selfies, I can't help but smile. He has already mastered the one handed picture better that I have. Pure talent.

These photos are perfect. They capture Behr's plushy morning sleepy face. I love those cheeks.

If only we knew what Behr starting saying at the end here.

Kudos to anyone who can identify what I tried but failed to edit out of these photos!

Link up any recent post about your kids and moments you want to remember. Like many moms, blogging is the only sort of baby book or memory keeper I have. Capture those moments and share them here:

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