an old photo, but one of my favorites.

Dear Behr,

You love well. You have a gift at greeting people and lighting up a room. You announce your arrival with hellos to everyone in the room, even by name when you can. You greet new people with a huge smile in even your shyest moments. I hope that my hurry never impacts this character in you. Keep loving people well. It will take you places in life, and continually bless those in your life.

You are affectionate. I have said on this blog before that you get real close to your Dad and me, grab our faces, and lay a smooch on us that rivals none other. But boy, when you decide to love on your baby brother, it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

In just a few short weeks, we will become a family of four. Your brother will enter our life and no doubt be greeted by you with great joy. I cannot wait to see you love on each other. But even more than that, I am excited to cherish pouring my undivided love on you. I want to help you understand that no matter what changes when your brother arrives, your Dad and I will always love you fully. Even when we have to share our attention and snuggles, our love for you will be complete.

We want to help you get excited about your brother. We have big, big boy plans for you. A big boy bed, saying farewell to your "ba-ba," and maybe even potty training. Somedays you seem so ready for all of these changes and other days, you curl up in my arms and remind me that you are still so very young.

Behr, we are praying for you daily. Praying for your gentle heart, your affection for others. But we are also praying for all of the changes coming your way. You will have the incredible honor of being a big brother just like your Dad. But we both know that it can be hard. We are praying that as your parents we continue to help you foster your character and that you and your brother can be the best of friends.


p.s. you are 25 months today! when do we stop counting months? I don't remember when we stopped counting weeks. And soon it will only be years. You are growing much too fast and the arrival of your baby brother will only add to this awareness.


  1. I can't wait to see your new plans for housing TWO boys! And we too, are starting to wonder about the paci and potty training world... but I just can't give up my baby!

  2. Loved this, Shannon! You have a heart of gold for your family! :)

    Praying for all of you in the coming weeks. It's so exciting!

  3. I stumbled across your blog today, and am so glad I did. It's lovely. And I love the name Behr.



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