Toddler iPhone Apps

Letters A to Z $0.99 - one of the most frequently chosen apps by Behr - he likes this app, although at 23 months, there is still a learning curve for some of its functionality.

PBS Kids free - by far our favorite app for keeping Behr still/quiet/entertained. As a mom who tries to limit TV, I appreciate that most of these PBS clips are short 3-5 minutes. Behr likes scrolling through the options and picking a show. But it is definitely not interactive. Note: this app needs wifi so may not work during flights

Make It Pop $1.99 - this is the first app that Behr really liked to use - around 16 months old. As he has gotten more experiences with the iPhone, his skill level has increased with this game.

Trucks $1.99 - with five different apps, each with varying skill level, this keeps Behr busy, however there is less of an educational component.

Itsy Bitsy Spider $1.99 - hands down Behr's favorite app, and the best Duck Duck Moose app I have seen (they are not all created equal). This app has rich graphics and an abundance of moving parts based on where to tap, meaning your toddler won't hit a dud spot where nothing happens. A great feature is the sound options - you can turn it off, play the song, or even play a recording of you and your toddler singing the song.

Tally Tots $2.99 - recommended by an elementary school teacher, this app is the one that encourages Behr to verbally interact the most. He talks back to this app, counting out loud, and remarking when he sees an object he recognizes. Some levels require finger swipes that are a it advanced for Behr, but he figured out how to skip these.

What are your favorite iPhone apps for kids?
Are there any great ones I have yet to uncover?

What are your family guidelines for iPhone/iPad use? 
Any recommendations for keeping this as an educational tool?


  1. Totes downloading some of these for my nieces. Honestly, they're always nabbing my phone from me, so it'd be nice to have some apps on there they could use!

  2. Toca Boca apps... there are a ton, and they're usually running a different one for free (of course, if you pay, you get more with each game). Bella loves feeding the monsters, being the doctor, and styling hair.



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