Gift Guide: College Students

With one sister in college, a brother graduating this month, and a sister who graduated last May, I consider myself a college student gift guide expert! Here are some of the items that have been on my radar for my own siblings:

Coloud Headphones - whether they want to drown out their roommate, or just listen to their own music, headphones are a key ingredient for successful communal living. Plus these look pretty rad.

Refresh Recharging Station - equipped to charge multiple devices

Doggie Door Stop - perhaps the only dorm approved pet, this door stop will bring on the social and is pretty cheeky.

Thermos - to keep their coffee piping hot during late night study sessions.

TJs Cookbook - to ensure they don't suffer four years of cafeteria food and frozen pizza. p.s. I might need one of these in my own life!

iHorn - this simple plastic base amplifies their iPhone/iPod and it is so affordable, you can use them as stocking stuffers!

Teal Blue Pottery Earrings - Really, I am just obsessed with these earrings so I need to include them in one of my gift guides. Plus the potter, Natalie is an awesome girl. Check out her etsy shop for more of her fabulous goods.

Stan's Donuts - overnight delivery from this LA Bakery. I know a certain someone who might just need a shipment of these! {side note: My youngest sister plays a D1 sport on full scholarship. She is a rockstar. But this means she rarely gets to come home for visits, and when she does, it is always too short - having options like Stan's to send her good food makes her being so far away, slightly less painful for both of us.}

Swiss Army USB - bringing the ultimate cool to file sharing for those ominous group projects.

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  1. Wait I'm not in college but I want all of this. I'm a child. But really, gimme some donuts.

  2. I had no idea there was such a cookbook for TJ's! These are great suggestions...wish I was still in college ;-)

  3. i love tjs cookbook!? this is awesome!



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